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The Gets has loyal and engaged communities in a wide range of industries.

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The Gets collects, aggregates and publishes valued content  for the web, tablets and mobiles.

Compelling stories, press releases, opinion pieces, product showcases, reports and publications, feature articles, videos, brochures and more.

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Engaged Communities

We have long term loyal engaged communities in a number of niche industries.

We facilitate regular fun and informative events with for our communities.  Government Ministers, key industry players and influencers have hosted and participated as guest speakers at our events.

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Specialised Publications

Digital Magazines are a speciality of The Gets.

Popular publications such as Leading Agriculture, Leading Science, Leading Northern Australia and The Fence – the official magazine for the Australian fencing industry.


The Gets websites showcase the best in a broad range of industries.


We publish our own magazines plus custom publishing for industry groups.


The Gets creates innovative and engaging content for our customers.

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Our Websites

Some of our Top Sites

Visit some of our best websites to see how your stories can be showcased to our loyal, long-term, engaged communities.

Get Sydney – Our City!
Not simply the tourist icons but ALL that IS really Sydney. Join our community today!
  FENCiT is the community for the Australian fencing industry.  Fencing contractors, suppliers – all
Farming’s Future
The initiative bringing together people with a passion for the future of Australian agriculture.
Networking Women
Showcasing Networks, Opportunities, Achievements of Australian Women.

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Read and Share our latest publications – showcasing the best of the best in individual industry sectors.

Leading Agriculture
Leading Agriculture
Showcasing the best in Australian farming. (more…)
Leading Northern Australia
Leading Northern Australia
Showcasing the Best in Australia's North.
Research for Agriculture
Research for Agriculture
Sharing Today – Unearthing Tomorrow Research for Agriculture is an engaged community passionate about collaborating to share knowledge in order
The Fence
The Fence
Official magazine for the Australian Fencing Industry. (more…)
Our expertise

Independent Australian Family Business

The Gets has over 10 years experience in digital publishing.


The Latest from The Gets

Read the latest news from all The Gets.  Updates on our new brands, top stories from our favourite contributors and more.

The FENCiT Community
The Gets group has helped the Australian fencing industry to form their own community.
The Farming’s Future Initiative
Farming’s Future is a community of people passionate about the future of Australian agriculture.

We facilitate regular events throughout Australia. Think-tanks, demo days, round table discussions, forums, conferences and more . . .


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